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So Google Bought Twitch…


I could go on a long rant about Google purchasing more viable competition sickens me and that they should be sued for a monopoly on video sharing (Especially now within the gaming industry side of things), but you know all this stuff by now if you read previous posts I read regarding Google. So their newest acquisition should be no surprise to anyone.

So why am I writing this then? To basically update you guys on that if I ever do live streams in the future, there’s no way it’ll be on Twitch. I’d rather not set up on a site I don’t support just because it exists as the best streaming option now only to have to move later when it inevitably goes down the crapper by Google’s hands.

Well ok… Twitch is not the site it used to be in general, but Google is going to strip it of everything remaining that you love about it. Expect stuff like:

-Mandatory Google+ or Google account integration.

-An even larger chat delay (Twitch is 20-40 seconds, Youtube’s is over a minute…).

-Less channel customization.

-A real-time content ID system causing channels to be taken down left and right.


Now, at first they may add to the site and you might see improvements just like what happened with Youtube, but over time like all of Google’s acquisitions, they will eventually start stripping out features to the point it gets to be extremely bare bones and unintuitive. Mark my words.


How do I feel about it? Well, aside from the sickened feeling I got when I heard it because I know what Google is pulling, this really doesn’t affect me much. I most certainly am against their acquisition of Twitch, but what I mean is that I’m not into the “live” side of things.The only reason why I considered streaming a while back was for my fans, but the idea of a live performance of sorts when people who want to watch it can easily miss it is very unappealing to me.

See, I got into watching some people on Twitch only to find that they sometimes rapidly change schedule or stream randomly when I’m not on, basically making me miss stuff. It’s not their fault, but it’s very disappointing nonetheless. It’s like when you miss a favorite show when it airs on TV. Anything other than on-demand nowadays just feels ancient in comparison. In fact, that’s why I like just watching and making videos: Because they are ready to watch any time. You might be disappointed by my lack of interest in live streaming and I’m sorry for that, but I gotta pursue my own types of fun.

However, I am tremendously worried about what this will mean for the gaming industry. Like, Google may impact it as little as pushing companies into advertising Google products various ways or as terrible as them pushing bad games up to the top of ratings just because the companies producing the abysmal messes offer more revenue than companies that make better games, lowering the overall standard of game quality. You just don’t know right now.

If the game quality ends up suffering as a result of this, I just won’t get any more new games and I recommend you do the same. There are plenty of awesome games we haven’t played on older gen consoles (and freeware PC games for that matter) that will keep us occupied for a very long time. After all, gaming isn’t about powerful machine specifications, staying up to date on modern games, etc… it’s about enjoying yourself.


I saw some post a question asking where they could find fully repeating AC grass

So here it is! Each type (triangle, circle, square) with every colour change (in chronologial order) plus the corresponding snow for each type

And paving, for shits and giggles

Pick one, crop it out, upload it here or on photobucekt or tinypic etc, and use to your hearts content!

If you need any help ask me what you wish to know!


(Source: weetbixgod)


On my quest to clean and organize my room, I found this! It’s the receipt when I got Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! (With personal and Pick ‘n Save company info pixelated). It was on April 27, 1999. To those who don’t know, Pick ‘n View was Pick ‘n Save’s now-defunct video/game rental wing of some of their stores. In fact, the reason why I got this game was because those wings were going out of business and they were selling what they had. So this game is very, very used. But it still works fantastic! Well, after I extensively cleaned the game’s connector pins because they were filthy. :P

I remember renting this game from that very same store before so I always wondered if I now have the copy I played on a rental. (I recall getting from the beginning of the game to the Sunken Ship during the few days ((I think the rental period was 2 or 3 days)) I had it and got stuck at the “password” part of it. So about 50% through the game or so.) It would be difficult to know for sure because I don’t know how many copies they had in stock for rental, people can delete save files and it’s not like I took a pic of the cart when I rented it or remembered it’s label placement or wear marks.

I dunno why I got the urge to post this receipt. Sentimental value I guess? I mean that was the day I got one of the greatest games ever made. It’s like a little time stamp of my gaming history.

Oh and I apparently (and unwittingly) got Mario’s Time Machine that day too… Well, at least 50% of the purchases that day were awesome! ;D

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