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Proposal To Websites

I have a proposal to websites that change things and don’t allow you to use the older version of a site: Please don’t do that. I heard from others that progress can’t be made because old versions of a site are hard to make compatible with the changing net standards and that you can’t make progress without change… But I think that is just an excuse because sites like GameFAQs can do it:

.. so why can’t other sites? I mean pretty much anything is possible in code after all.

What I see as progress is not being lazy and actually working to keep things people love compatible as the web evolves. I mean come on now… they were even able to remake this old April Fool’s day joke design when they overhauled the site’s code:

(veteran web users should recognize a lot of the jokes utilized in it’s design)

and remake stuff like version 8 (GameFAQs is currently on version 13, and version 8 was pre-2004. Yeah, it’s a pretty old design and yet it still exists.) of the site:

(I know I mentioned this briefly on deviantART recently, but I thought I would make a dedicated post about this at a different location.)

Pokedex Project Part 10!

The finale!

This has been quite the project! Completing a Pokedex isn’t the hardest thing in gaming to do, but it is something you have to be really persistent with because many things take a lot of attempts such as rare wild Pokemon encounters and low catch rate Pokemon like Legendaries. Oh and those roaming Pokemon… Ugh… Self explanatory.

So, why would I complete a Pokedex of a Pokemon generation that struggles to keep it’s memory due to the batteries running dry within a few years? I guess it’s because I have such a high respect and love for the second Pokemon generation that I felt I had unfinished business with them. Like… that I didn’t do the games justice by not finishing it. Well, I finally did it and it was immensely satisfying to finish the Pokedex!

I had this all recorded a while back, but it took me a while to finish it. The only reason this took me a while to finish was because I kept second guessing my video editing. I eventually landed on this version which is the one I’m most happy with.

See, there’s something about the first two generations of Pokemon games that really make me want to perfect everything I do regarding them. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t made a walkthrough of mainstream Pokemon games: because I highly doubt I could achieve the insane level of quality I envision I would want to make them in to reflect my love and knowledge of the series.

I was going to upload this to Tumblr as the big surprise finale of the post series, but they only allow you to upload 5 minutes of footage per day in total. >_> I wasn’t going to split up the video across a whopping 6 days, so I plopped it on Youtube and am linking to it here.

Will I do another Pokedex Project series in the future? Probably not. I completed the Pokedex in the first generation, twice and just finished gen 2. Gen 3 and up I don’t really care for because I disliked the direction the series went. As I said, I finished the pokedex because I have great love and respect for the first two generations of Pokemon games. If I’m iffy to downright disgusted by their design, I won’t care about 100%ing them because I won’t be motivated to keep playing them on a regular basis.

… Especially after I recently found out that my Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald cart’s internal batteries ran dry… Which pretty much means all of my save files are completely shot. I mean the game can still be played to an extent, but time-based events likely won’t happen anymore even if I replace the battery because effects of the battery running dry may linger, thus making the Pokedex impossible to complete in their current states.

For instance, Milotic requires berries to evolve via beauty raising. No berries will grow if the clock is shot and thus no Milotic. I could get one from someone, but that defeats the whole idea of completing the Pokedex all by myself. :P

Anyway, this concludes the project and I hope you enjoyed it! :D



*sigh* Every once in a while I think about this and it bugs me. Like, literally pulls at my heartstrings.

Okami is one of those sorts of games that didn’t sell all that well. That’s a total shame because it is a masterpiece of a game that deserves loads of sales, not to fade into obscurity.


however what fans it did gather are intensely loyal, and there it will never be forgotten. :)

True! ^_^




This is Satoru Iwata. Now, most know him as the president of Nintendo, but guess what? He didn’t start out as a pencil-pusher, noooooo. This guy is a programming badass. Some of his feats include:

1. Programming Earthbound from scratch. This was a game where the original coding was a mess. But Iwata don’t care. Iwata don’t give a shit. He just completely did over the game and managed to make it work.

2. He ported the battle code of Pokemon Stadium to the Nintendo 64, WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE DOCUMENTS.

3. You know Gold and Silver? The most popular Pokemon games ever? Since Gamefreak was still kind of noobish, they managed to fill the cartridge with just Johto. What does Iwata do? He compressed it enough for them to fit Kanto in. That’s right - this mofo compressed an entire game down when the developers couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Iwata don’t care! Iwata doesn’t give a shit!

So, yeah. Between Sakurai, Miyamoto, Masuda, Tajiri, and Iwata, Nintendo is pretty much run by programming badasses.

This man and John Carmack should join forces and create the singularity. They’re fucking programming gods. 

Next time I hear people talk shit about Iwata, I’ll refer them to this. 

What Do 4k TVs Mean For Gaming?

I know I already made a post about the crap HDTV manufacturers put gamers through by not speeding up sets despite the technology to do so being there, but it seems like 4k TV sets (Also known as “Ultra HD”) are gaining traction faster than I thought they would be. To those who don’t know, 4k TVs are much higher in resolution than the current standard of 1080p HD. But how will they handle the gaming systems of today that have transitioned to the “standard” of 1080p?

This is virtually untested because 4k TVs are pretty expensive, sold sparingly and thus not easy to get a hold of to test. But if the resolution standard is going to be upped again, it may cause even more issues in gaming than what already exist.

-Upscaling causes graphics to look blocky and/or blurry depending on the set. So that once-beautiful 1080p that you settled on a laggy set for just to be able to see could end up looking terrible. So you’ll have something that looks and plays bad, lol!

-If 4k becomes standard, costs for game systems will increase due to the need for more powerful hardware to handle 4k. Yes, this goes for the already-costly PC gaming market as well because 4K is being integrated in gaming PCs.

-Development costs for games will also increase because it takes longer to create higher resolution graphics. This cost will be passed on to the consumers of course. :P

-As I said, it’ll take longer to make games. :P

… and probably more that I can’t for see at this point. You know that screen manufacturers are not going to get rid of lag either because they don’t care about it, they just know gamers have to have a TV and that’s all they need to get sales no matter what crap they put out.

You can say the solution is to just stick with your current TV, but if current TV sets go the way of SDTVs, it’ll only be a matter of time before they become just as scarce, if not more so because SDTVs were the standard for many years but HDTVs have only become the standard within the last 10 years or so. So there are far fewer HDTVs than SDTVs.

But even if you can get a hold of older sets, people are going to need like 3-4 screens to play games at this rate… It’s ridiculous…

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